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Testimonials: List


"He creates a positive environment in each of his classes which not only makes you comfortable but builds your confidence in a way you had never felt before! He is one of a kind! I will definitely be joining back after my vacation! Also, he does summer draws for class packs and I just won a 6 pack class with him! I couldn't have been happier. If you want to learn the "act" in "acting", Milne studios is the place you would wanna go to.”


“Not only has Brad helped me to lay down an acting foundation and further develop my skills with his innovative techniques and array of experience, he has made it his mission to help me navigate through the industry. Brad and Alana go above and beyond the regular involvement of an acting school...they make it their goal to help you chase yours!"


“After studying in LA and Toronto I have FINALLY found a coach I can relate to!! Brads classes are simply amazing he has such a way of coaching that you just get it!!! I noticed how he looks at all his students differently and takes the best approach to help them further their career. If you are an actor either just starting or well advanced in your career I STRONGLY recommend taking one of his classes and seeing for yourself.”


"Toronto Acting Coach, Brad Milne gets you, as an actor, to the core of a character in a flash and has given me the courage and confidence to venture into moulding my own interpretation of a character. This is acting coaching on an other level."


"Watching Milne Studios grow from a small class in San Antonio, Texas to a globally renowned acting studio in Toronto, Canada was truly a privilege. I attended Brad Milne's 48 hour boot camp class and audited countless others. I am now a much more confident and accomplished playwright and film director. Being involved with great artists and amateurs alike, really elevated my creativity and honed my skills.
I met Brad on my first production of a short film, "Lonely." He auditioned for the lead role and as soon as I saw his performance, I knew that he was the one for the part. We became close as we worked together on that production. His range in acting ability is so wide that I have cast him for every production that I've made since. My latest project "Departure" the feature film would not have been possible without Brad. I cast him, once again in the lead for the vertical slice short film, and his performance was so convincing that everyone who has seen it has wanted to get involved in the feature project. Needless to say I am excited about what we will continue to accomplish in the future through Milne Studios and Infinite Fountain Production"


"I’m absolutely in love with this studio! Taking online acting classes a couple of months and already feel the progress! Brad is a super professional couch with such I nice personality! I highly recommend his acting classes!"


"Milne studio provided me expert coaching that took me from a beginner to a working actor. Brad is invested in his student's success and knows how to get the most from you."


"Brad Milne is an authentic acting teacher. He teaches from his direct experience as an actor. He doesn't each theory. He puts himself on the line and demonstrates what real acting is. His approach is show, don't tell. He has a sensitivity to students' individual needs, acting habits, blocks, and innate strengths. He communicates his insights to actors honestly and supportively. The result is that he brings out their best work. I am an experienced actor/acting teacher. I wholeheartedly recommend people to take his classes if they want to grow as artists."


"Brad’s class is great for actors at any stage of their journey. His studio is a safe place to succeed and fail then try again. Most importantly, I can see the results from being in his class! I started out in his classes as a person who mostly did high school theatre. I couldn’t really call myself an actor. But with hard work and Brad’s guidance, I am now a union actor and always getting better! I used to receive a scene and have no idea what to do with it. Now, Brad’s methods make breaking down a script a creative yet simple process. He has given me a way of preparing for auditions that involve detailed, action-focused choices. Brad’s classes are flexible and ongoing, allowing you to miss a class an emergency circumstances, without losing the class you paid for. Brad is very understanding as a person and coach, allowing you to do your best work without feeling intimidated. He truly cares about each actor’s well-being and progress, and will always push you to do what he knows you’re capable of and more. I go back to his studio time and time again!"


"Brad and Alana are amazing coaches and truly passionate about what they do. Milne definitely offers something a little different from the other studios, and the sense of community they've built is amazing. Wherever you're at with your acting, this is the place to be!"

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